Pre-Primary education is the foundation for lifelong learning experience and starting point for formal education. The school follows play way method in Pre-Primary section. It offers a positive, safe emotionally secure environment that encourages emotional, social, physical and intellectual development.


The curriculum strikes a balance between academics, co-curricular activities, values and physical education. It helps students in integrating the new cultural and technological developments with traditional values.


The academic year is divided into 2 Semesters. Examinations are at the end of each semester and unit test are conducted in the mid of each semester to check the progress of the students. The ‘CCE’ pattern is followed for the students from std. I to VIII. The final Std. X examination is conducted by State Board and progress report Is awarded to the child in the form of the certificate known as Secondary School Certificate S.S.C.)


Parents are most valuable factor in moulding the child into better student of today and excellent citizen of tomorrow. Parents are invited to every open house day to see the Progress of their child, 4 times a year, twice in each term. The school has PTA where meetings are conducted twice in a year one in each terms. PTA members are invited in many school activities and events