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Malanad Educational & Welfare Association's (Regd. No.-F/5365/THN)

Vidyaniketan English School

Malanad Educational and Welfare Association in pursuit of excellence shortly called as MEWA is committed to provide quality education at affordable cost to any section of the society.

MEWA will constantly work to develop a mutually beneficially relationship with our students through our teachers in order to improve upon the quality of education, success in all the competitive examinations and delivery of the quality products and services.

Through continuous overall development of our students MEWA will strive for continual improvement of all the processes.


MEWA was born on 5th of March 1996 with a global vision to provide quality education to all sections of the society. MEWA focus on overall personality development of the students inculcating socio cultural outlook.

The trustees of MEWA and staff of Vidyaniketan work hand in hand to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of the school.

As regards cultural activities are concerned MEWA organizes cultural programmes, festival celebrations, extracurricular activities like music, dance, karate etc.

All of our students actively participate in cultural and other extracurricular activities.

In December 2012, Vidyaniketan Kids academy was incorporated under MEWA and since then pre-primary section managed under Kids academy.

MEWA is a charitable public trust with linguistic minority registered under Bombay Trust Act 1950 vide registration no F/5365/THN. The said trust was established in 1996 with the primary objective to give quality education and provide a platform to the budding aspirants in various fields of cultural and social activities.

About Us

MEWA institution in pursuit of excellence

“It is man-making education all round we want.”

“The very essence of education is concentration of mind.” - Swami Vivekanand

In order to realize our dream we started the Vidyaniketan English School at Vartak Nagar, Thane with the support and encouragement of good Samaritans and succeeded in giving quality education to the children of all sections of our society.

Since 2008 we are proud to state we achieved 100% results in the SSC examination.

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Vidyaniketan English School was established with the sole objective of ensuring that every child shall grow up lead and contribute towards a purposeful and meaningful life and face the challenges and struggles of life with poise and courage.

Every child as an individual has immense potential and objective of Institution is to provide every child opportunities to grow and blossom.


Our Mission is to provide education to economically weaker section of the society justifying the very purpose for which it was formed.

Our objective is to impress upon the students the need to conserve their mental and physical energies so as to develop a dynamic character and personality.

To help students in integrating the new cultural and technogical values with traditional values. To awaken in them social responsibility and duties to enable them to live in harmony with their fellow citizens.